VDV e Paiva Gomes

Headquarters: São Paulo
Jurisdiction based: Brazil
Jurisdictions covered: Brazil

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Daniel Paiva Gomes


Eduardo de Paiva Gomes


More about Vieira, Drigo, Vasconcellos e Paiva Gomes Advogados

Vieira, Drigo, Vasconcellos and Paiva Gomes Advogados, established in 2003, is a pioneering boutique law firm specialized in various legal domains. Regarding cryptolaw practice, with the distinction of being the inaugural law firm to affiliate with the Brazilian Cryptoeconomy Association (ABCripto), VDV and Paiva Gomes exemplary services in the Blockchain Cryptocurrency realm have been recognized by Leaders League’s recognition award. The firm also holds the honor of being named among the most esteemed law firms in São Paulo for 2022 and 2023 by Análise Advocacia.

A significant portion of their legal consultancy regarding blockchain and distributed ledger technologies revolves around advising diverse entities such as startups, financial institutions, Virtual Asset Service Providers, software developers, and tokenization ventures in ensuring they meet both national and global compliance norms, either in tax, regulatory, corporate, among other areas. Their dedicated Cryptolaw desk, overseen by partners Daniel de Paiva Gomes and Eduardo de Paiva Gomes, focuses on all kinds of projects that deal with cryptoassets, web3, metaverse, and tokenization matters.

Daniel’s notable contribution to the crypto space is his book “Bitcoin: the taxation of cryptocurrencies,” marking it as Brazil’s inaugural publication on the subject regarding regulatory and tax aspects of cryptoassets. Both Daniel and Eduardo further solidified their expertise by co-authoring the comprehensive guide “Cryptoassets, tokenization, blockchain and metaverse: philosophical, technological, legal and economic aspects,” encompassing insights from 94 global contributors spanning Brazil, the USA, and Europe, throughout 89 chapters and almost 1700 pages.

Their profound understanding of Blockchain and other associated technologies is underscored by their Master in Science in Blockchain and Digital Currency from the University of Nicosia. The firm’s expertise extends to cryptogaming, legislation for the internet, software, and payments, fintech, financial sector regulations, tokenization of assets, and international planning for crypto operations, among several other specialties.

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