Rosehill Legal

Headquarters: Maryland
Jurisdiction based: USA
Jurisdictions covered: USA
Time in the market: 2 years

More about Rosehill Legal

Legal advisor in the blockchain industry specializing in legal entity structuring, U.S. federal tax, cross-border transactions, product architecture, DAO-adjacent structuring, token distribution structuring, venture financing transactions, and other commercial services.

Zach Rosenberg, the principal attorney at Rosehill Legal, provides a comprehensive suite of legal structuring and commercial services for clients based in and outside of the U.S., including:

– Legal entity structuring, including cross-border structures

– U.S. federal tax consulting, including specialized transaction and restructuring support

– Cross-border transactional support, including intercompany transactions, M&A transactions, and restructuring transactions

– Venture-stage financing support, including SAFEs, SAFTs, token warrants, convertible notes, and preferred stock financings

– DAO-adjacent structuring support to support ecosystems and projects

– Token distribution structuring

– Product architecture

– Other commercial /transactional services

The firm also provides transactional support and U.S. tax consulting services to venture funds focusing on the blockchain industry.

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