Lemma Solutions

Headquarters: Cayman Islands
Jurisdictions covered: Cayman Islands and BVI

More about Lemma Solutions

Lemma provides a wide range of management and administrative services to DAO’s and foundation companies. We take care of all the boring stuff so teams focus on building and the community.

Our services range from full DAO manager roles where we manage all DAO operations including finances, contracts, KYC/AML, setting up meetings, getting bank accounts, managing multi-sigs, transparency reports and a wide range of other services.

We can also take on specific functions in a DAO such as managing the grants program from receipt to pay out and monitoring of milestones. Or running governance to ensure the voting process flows smoothly and complies with the governance framework and any applicable laws and regulations.

Work with us

The Lemma team is crypto native, and we really care about the projects that we work with. This is one of the main features that set us apart from other service providers.

Our range of experience is broad and key members are specialists in their fields. This allows us to tailor our services to your needs. We work with teams to design efficient processes and take lessons learned from previous clients and industry standards to avoid common pitfalls.

Lemma team members are active in many DAOs as well as industry bodies in Cayman Islands and one of our founders established and chairs the Blockchain Association of the Cayman Islands. Lemma founders also sit on and chair the Crypto Currency Security Standard Steering committee ensuring we are up to date with industry trends and security best practices.

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