Horizons Law & Consulting Group

Headquarters: Irvine, CA
Jurisdiction based: United States
Jurisdictions served: United States (federal), California, New York, New Jersey, Nevada, Illinois, Florida
Time in the market: 10 years

More about Horizons Law & Consulting Group

Horizons Law & Consulting Group (“Horizons Law”) is a boutique, cryptonative U.S. law firm that provides legal services to startups, funds, and sophisticated financial markets participants with a specialty in the blockchain and digital assets industry.

Ryón Nixon, Founding Partner at Horizons Law started his focus in the digital asset industry when he was counsel to MyEtherWallet and MyCrypto and then genesis general counsel for Solana Labs. Horizons Law has worked closely with some of the biggest projects in the digital assets industry, including Synthetix, Sei, Akash Network, Immunefi, Lit Protocol, Kwenta, Osmosis, Orca, and OlympusDAO, as well as prominent digital asset funds including Asymmetric, Anagram, Framework, and UDHC. Our core practice areas include corporate law, securities law, commodities law, and corporate fundraising.

Our attorneys’ extensive hands-on experience as digital asset users and enthusiasts gives us a deep understanding of blockchain technology and gives us the ability to provide sound legal advice based on our robust understanding of the realities of the digital asset market and the technical constraints associated with blockchain technology.

In addition to legal services, we provide consultancy and advisory services to projects surrounding tokenomics, DAO structuring, offshore and onshore corporate structuring, marketing, go-to-market strategy, and other commercial matters.

Why work with us?

Our attorneys have a firm understanding of the fundamentals of decentralised finance, tokenomics, different blockchain networks and the technical constraints associated with each, and blockchain technology generally. This means that clients do not need to explain, for example, how a liquidity pool or an automated market maker algorithm work before we can start working together—we are prepared on the fundamentals from day zero.

We also routinely serve as DAO counsel to decentralised autonomous organisations and engage them through governance proposals. We gladly accept payment in digital assets.

Our Founding Partner, Ryón Nixon, is a co-founder to ParagonsDAO, a decentralised web3 gaming protocol.

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