Horizons Global

Headquarters: Cayman Islands
Jurisdictions covered: BVI, Cayman Islands
Time in the market: 5 years

The team

Michael Robinson


Marc Piano

Consultant and Director

More about Horizons Global

We don’t govern the mediocre. We don’t consult the faint hearted. We don’t serve on boring boards. Like you, we’re here to shake things up. That’s why Horizons Global only provides governance and consultant services for Web3 projects. We won’t act for anyone else. You have our unwavering commitment. You have our focused expertise. You have our undivided attention.

Consulting Services

We get it. Building out Web3 infrastructure is complex. But getting your project structured shouldn’t be.

At Horizons Global, we provide offshore guidance that is tailored to your project without reinventing the wheel. We go in-depth to provide straightforward solutions. We provide experience and expertise without it breaking the bank. And who wants a bank involved anyway?

We’ll help you:

• Consider your offshore structuring, compliance and regulatory risks;

• Locate an appropriate jurisdiction for your project in light of those risks;

• Review and update your project materials to preempt risk;

• Work with trusted third parties to help get you structured;

• Prepare post-incorporation governance materials;

• Guide you through the complexities using digital assets offshore;

• Provide the offshore expertise you need for decentralized governance; and

• Help you navigate offshore compliance.

Directorship Services

Governance. It’s now a buzz word in the fintech space. But the core principles of good governance are unchanged. Whether you’re looking for traditional or decentralized governance, Horizons Global can help.

For decentralized projects, we understand the dichotomy of centralizing something that is intended to be decentralized and we will work with you to find balance between your DAO and its offshore entity. For other foundations, traders, validators, holding companies or any other proprietary business, we offer solutions that get you where you need to be – but without needing to relocate your business offshore.

And we do it through using experienced non-practicing attorneys that intimately understand this space.

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