Harneys Fiduciary

Jurisdiction based: British Virgin Islands, Cayman Islands
Jurisdictions served: British Virgin Islands, Cayman Islands, Cyprus, Hong Kong, Singapore
Time in the market: 3 years

Our team

Claire Abrehart

Managing Director

David Pritchard


Dany Katra

Associate Director

More about Harneys Fiduciary

Harneys Fiduciary offers a full suite of services to clients in the BVI including directors, shareholders, company secretaries and trustee services. Via our Cayman office, we can offer foundation companies as well as secretaries and directors to those companies in addition to providing directors on Cayman companies. We can provide accounting services and corporate governance packages to ensure your BVI or Cayman company remains up to date with all it’s filing obligations.

We have a wealth of experience in the BVI, Cayman Islands, Cyprus, Singapore, and Hong Kong. We provide the full range of services to clients and have been involved in the digital asset space alongside the law firm, providing clients with bespoke vehicles, director and trustee services.

The individuals who act as directors have been appointed on funds; manager vehicles and crypto trading entities as well as venture/PE investment vehicles.

Our knowledge of the digital asset space has grown as the industry has grown. Because of the depth of knowledge within the firm, we are able to assist in many different scenarios, tailoring our offering to assist clients with the most efficient solutions.

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