Introducing H3: a global platform for Web3 service providers


We are excited to announce the official launch of H3, a comprehensive website that connects builders and entrepreneurs with verified service providers in the web3, blockchain, and cryptocurrency space. The full website is now live at

The H3 network hosts 11 service providers at launch, Cavenwell Group, Cole-Frieman & Mallon LLP, Englebert, Harris & Trotter LLP, Harneys, Harneys Corporate Services Limited, Horizons Global, Hunt DRG, Lemma Solutions, Rosehill Legal and VDV e Paiva Gomes and will continue to build out a stellar group of essential experts in this space.

H3 aims to be a one-stop-shop for individuals and organisations seeking specialised expertise in areas such as legal and regulatory compliance, accounting and audit support, DAO management, and much more. With our curated selection of trusted professionals from around the globe, we are committed to helping projects in the web3 ecosystem reach new digital heights.

Founder Philip Graham commented, “By understanding the challenges faced by builders and entrepreneurs navigating the rapidly evolving web3 landscape, our platform aims to provide access to a global network of professionals who possess the necessary skills, experience, and shared vision to drive web3 projects towards success.”

Key features of the H3 platform:

  • Curated selection of handpicked service providers who specialise in various aspects of the web3 ecosystem, ensuring that users have access to verified experts in their respective fields.
  • Comprehensive services including legal and regulatory compliance, accounting and audit support, programming and coding, and other web3-related services.
  • A global network, connecting builders and entrepreneurs with professionals from around the world, enabling collaboration and knowledge-sharing on a global scale.
  • User-friendly interface offering a seamless browsing experience, making it easy for users to explore and connect with service providers who align with their project requirements.


Whether you are a builder looking for expert guidance or a service provider eager to showcase your offerings, H3 is here to support and empower you in the web3 space. Browse our site and build your trusted advisory team.