Piano Lessons – Englebert


Piano Lessons is back! As the series returns amidst a busy and exciting market, we shine a spotlight on the founding members of the H3 service provider network.



In this episode, Phil Graham and Marc Piano chat with Gareth Malna of Englebert on a wide range of topics including:

  • Transitioning from being a funds and crypto lawyer to launching a very unique business capitalising on a small window of opportunity.
  • What Englebert is – FCA authorised to approve crypto asset promotions in the UK.
  • What crypto asset promotions are and how Englebert goes about authorising promotions.
  • Experience with the FCA’s approach to crypto asset promotions.
  • Why Englebert sought FCA authorisation, reflections after the first few months and future trends.
  • Why Englebert is “building in the open” and open sourcing a lot of resources.